Lake Clear

Big Rock, A.Y. Jackson, October 1962

Big Rock, Charles Comfort

Lake Clear has many artistically interesting places that illustrate the wide variety of natural features that can catch the attention of anyone with an artistic interest. Features such as Ryan Mountain which is one of the highest hills in the province, the many islands with their rocky shorelines, picturesque streams and wetlands, an old growth forest and a few island lagoons all add to the aesthetic nature of the lake.

Well known Canadian painters such as: Group of 7 artist A.Y. Jackson,  Canadian war artist and National Gallery Director Charles Comfort, Ralph Burton and Maurice Haycock often visited the area in the 1950s-60s and some of their art is illustrated in the Heritage Artists section of this website. 

Today, a number of local artists live in the area whose art is presented under Contemporary Artists as are a growing number of visiting artists who are presented under Visiting Artists.