Jerome Coulas

The New Rural, Jerome Coulas

In the fall of 1986, I left my safe and secure job in the city to pursue a life-long dream to live in the country and do work that  is an authentic expression of my own, painting.  I have had no formal training as an artist. I simply enjoy painting images that are pleasing to myself and to the viewer and hope that they elicit life-affirming feelings and express warmth, joy, and innocent exuberance.

A true naïve painter, I have painted since my early years without ever having any formal art training. My usual medium is acrylic on canvas, but have applied my imagination to a variety of projects including set design, pattern design for knitted sweaters, and interior wall treatments.

I reside on the Bonnechere River, at the 4th chute, not far from where my ancestors settled when they immigrated from the Kashub region of Poland in the 1860s.

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