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Lake Clear Conservancy

The Lake Clear Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Lake Clear and its watershed

The LCC is a non-profit, charitable conservation oriented land trust that since its creation in 2001?? has acquired ownership of 4 islands, initiated a land use agreement with the MNR to steward all the crown islands, planted almost 1,000 trees on the islands, created and maintained 7 camp sites on Blueberry, Hanes and Muddy Islands and published a field guide on the flora and fauna of Green and Twin islands.

The LCC continues to look for new opportunities to enhance and illustrate the ecological features of the lake and its watershed and in so doing will be launching a Nature in Our Neighbourhood program that will present a series of natural heritage newsletters on interesting natural features as well as occasional field workshops/excusions. The first workshop will be held on September ?? when local artist John Almstedt will go through the basics of field sketching at 79 Bald Rock Trail where Big Rock will be the featured subject.

John was mentored by Ralph Burton who in the 1950s and early '60s often travelled to Lake Clear to paint the area with A.Y. Jackson.  John's following sketches illustrate the wide variety of interesting local subject matter.

The iconic "Big Rock"
Feather and Turner Islands
Little Lake Clear
Old growth forest (between Donahue Trail and Weiland  Rd)
Stone fences of the Opeongo Line
Twins Island viewed from Cherry Island
Bluebill Trail pond
Hurds Creek